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Federico Tisi

Federico Tisi is the pioneer of brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Italy. A passionate martial arts student since his childhood, he explores several martial arts until he is exposed in the mid-nineties to brazilian jiu jitsu.

Since then he has dedicated his life to the Art, and in 2005 he was officially recognized as the first italian black belt professor by the JIu JItsu Confederation of Brazil. as the first Italian black belt teacher. As a competitor he has won all major Italian tournaments of his time, and was the first italian athlete to medal in Brazil, and to win the European Open in the black belt division.

A passionate teacher, Professor Federico founded Tribe Jiu Jitsu in 1999, designing technical curriculums for both students and teachers ,inviting some of the best teachers in the world, and after 20 years of hard work he established the largest network of jiu jitsu academies in Italy. He currently lives and teaches at our headquarters in Milan, and gives seminars in Italy and in some of the most prestigious academies in the world.


The Footwork – Vol. 1

Learn effective leg locks the easy way with Federico Tisi.

White Belts Program

You are a novice white belt, this course is for you. What are you waiting for, start the course right away.


Foundations of Guard Passing

Learn the fundamental guard passing techniques, how to chain them together.

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