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Luca Anacoreta

Luca Anacoreta, black belt of Brazilian jiu jitsu born in Italy, founder of the Aeterna Jiu Jitsu Academy in Rome. Luca is also known as one of the first Italian black belts to achieve top-level successes in this sport, in particular in the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) circuit, where he has won important medals in tournaments such as the European Open (Gi and No -Gi), London Open, Madrid Open and many others.


  • Oktagon Grappling Pro Champion 2019
  • Polaris Pro 2 Champion 2015
  • Fighter at Copa Podio 2013
  • Fighter at Toukon Challenge 2014


  • 2x Medal World Jiu Jitsu Championship
  • 3rd place World Jiu Jitsu Master
  • 2x European Jiu Jitsu Champion
  • 2nd place European Jiu Jitsu Master 1
  • International Europe Jiu Jitsu Champion
  • 2x Medal European Jiu JItsu Championship
  • 3x European NO-Gi Champion
  • 4x Medal European No Gi Championship
  • 5x Rome International Open Champion
  • 4x London International Open Champion
  • 4x Madrid International Open Champion
  • London International Open Champion Open Class
  • 2x Dublin International Open Champion Weight & Open Class
  • 2x Zurich International Open Champion
  • 2x Munich Fall International Open Champion Weight & Open Class
  • Munich Winter Open No Gi Champion
  • Berlin International Open No Gi Champion
  • Rome Spring Open No Gi Champion
  • Madrid International Open No Gi Champion
  • Gothenburg International Open Champion Category
  • Gothenburg International Open Champion Open Class
  • Berlin International Open Champion Gi
  • Rome Fall IO Champion
  • Rome Fall IO No Gi Champion
  • International Europe Master Champion
  • Geneve IO Champion
  • Geneve IO Open Class Champion
  • Geneve IO No Gi Champion


  • 5x Italian Jiu Jitsu Open UIJJ Absolute


  • 2x World Champion Grappling NO-GI
  • 2x European Champion Grappling GI
  • 3x Italian Champion FIGMMA Grappling NO-GI


  • Continental Pro Europe Champion 2020
  • 4x Trials World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship
  • Pro National Italy Champion 2017

Take Down – Guard Passing – Advanced Back Takes

Are you ready to update your game? Luca is here to help you, a master of back attacks from the side position. Learn how to improve your back taking skills from the side today!


Essential DLR Pass

In this course, Luca goes over how he passes the DLR guard and the strategies he uses to control and submit his opponent from the BACK control.


Triangle Everywhere Vol. 3

Se desideri sorprendere il tuo avversario con dei triangoli da ogni posizione o desideri scoprire le difese, allora il terzo volume fa per te.


Triangle Everywhere Vol. 2

Scopri tutti i segreti per chiudere il triangolo da qualsiasi posizione.


Triangle Everywhere Vol. 1

Se desiderate imparare un triangolo efficace da ogni posizione, questo è il corso che fa per voi.

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