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Raini Clan

The Milo brothers and Manuele Raini are the head coaches of the RAINI CLAN in Rome, a Kickboxing school (K1 & Muay Thai) that have experienced champions of international relevancy (Bellator, K1GP, Oktagon, Dynamite FC,WLF,ISKA), such as Mattia Faraoni, Roberto Oliva, Gloria Peritore, Matteo Taccini e Marco Pisu. Besides them, in the Clan there are many other athletes that belong to the top tier italian organizations, from light to the pro environment. As former fighters, the Raini brothers have fought in the major world organizations such as GLORY, THAIBOXEMANIA and OKTAGON and won many titles in different federations. Since 2019 one of the two brothers, Manuele, has become the National Technical Coordinator of the Kickboxing sector in one of the most recognized combat sports federation in italy known as Fight1, the organization behind the Oktagon event. The team was born from the strong passion of Milo and Manuele, which accompanies them since childhood . Together, they managed to create a reality in which they teach with love and passion the art of the ring, committing themselves to make students learn important values such as respect and humility, and obviously all the technical knowledge that they have perfected over the years. Their motto is: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.


The fundamental concepts of Kick Boxing with the Raini Clan. Vol. 1 & 2

Goditi l’esclusivo sistema codificato dei Coach Manuele e Milo Raini che hanno sviluppato nel corso di anni di agonismo in tutto il mondo.


Learn the fundamentals of Kick Boxing with the Raini Clan Vol. 2

In this course you will also find the techniques used and explained by Gloria Peritore and Mattia Faraoni. Average duration 100 minutes.


Learn the fundamentals of Kick Boxing with the Raini Clan Vol. 1

Enjoy the exclusive coded system of Coaches Manuele and Milo Raini who have developed it over the years of competition all over the world. Average duration 63 minutes.

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